Field Trip Guidelines

Click for a handy checklist to download.

There are a few locations that we regularly visit within a day trip of Toronto. Ontario law as well as insurance requirements for the site owners require us to comply with safety and conduct rules.

For newcomers, we invite members from experienced clubs like The Walker Club, Scarborough Gem and Mineral, Buffalo, and K-W clubs to act as mentors. They are there to help your family enjoy the outing, learn something, and stay safe.

Please read carefully and discuss with your children...


  • MANDATORY! Safety glasses - always worn - chips are an eye hazard and can travel a distance

  • MANDATORY! Hardhat (child members will be loaned a hat)

  • MANDATORY! Safety vest - for visibility

  • MANDATORY! Safety boots - 8" laced over ankle - CSA approved (members under 16 may wear firm ankle supporting hiking shoes or boots with sturdy soles and tear resistant tops/sides)

  • Long pants - sharp rocks and hungry bugs

  • Long sleeved shirt - layer clothing to peel off as it heats up

  • Gardening gloves - sharp rocks

  • Raincoat - dress for weather

Failure to bring the MANDATORY! items will result in your family not gaining entry to the site - you will be asked to leave.


  • Prospector's hammer or a masonry hammer (NOT A CARPENTER'S HAMMER)

  • Assorted chisels

  • Sledge hammer - small 2 pounder or up

  • Prying tool

  • Small brushes - brush away till and sand

  • Spray bottle with water - wash clay off specimen

  • Something to carry tools and store specimens - bucket or backpack

  • Egg cartons make good storage for small specimens

  • Newspaper to wrap specimens and protect them

  • A loupe

  • Knee pads - great for working on sharp rocks

  • A compact shovel

Personal Comfort:

  • Water in an unbreakable container

  • Snacks and a hearty lunch

  • Hot drink in a thermos on cold days

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug spray

  • First-aid kit (field trip leader carries one too)

  • T.P. (!)

  • Hand cleaner and wash cloths for clean up

The field trip leader will give a 5-10 minute talk about safety, collecting boundaries, special rules, and any hazards to avoid. If the property owner has special restrictions, they will be discussed. 

Adult members must accept and sign a waiver for themselves and any dependants from the club and sometimes from the site owner. To preview the waiver, click here to access the CCFMS web site. After signing the members must wear a wristband supplied by YTMC and keep it on until leaving the site. Some site owners may restrict photography. Only members in good standing may attend a field trip. Guests are not permitted.

Our trips often have 100+ people and 20-40 cars so staying organized is important. Follow the field trip leader and our team's instructions regarding parking and roaming boundaries. Keep your family in-sight and safe when collecting.

In general:

  • Stay away from rock walls - distance up=distance away.

  • Do not climb on rocks - one foot on the ground at all times.

  • Don't bash a rock unless you are confident that you will secure a specimen. Do no willful damage.

  • Wear eye protection ALL THE TIME.

  • Wear your hard hat ALL THE TIME.

  • Listen for special instructions from the field trip leader - a loud whistle is used by the field trip leader when attention is required.

  • Remember to keep hydrated.

  • Leave no litter behind.

  • Return to your car if a thunderstorm is approaching and wait for field trip leader's decision regarding further collecting.


Safety Goggles (must be shatterproof with side shields)

Safety Goggles (must be shatterproof with side shields)



Safety vest

Safety vest

Safety Boots - up over ankle (8") - with green CSA patch

Safety Boots - up over ankle (8") - with green CSA patch

CSA Patch (MUST be on safety shoes/boots)

CSA Patch (MUST be on safety shoes/boots)

A prospector's Hammer or Masonry Hammer

A prospector's Hammer or Masonry Hammer

Do not use a Carpenter's Hammer (claw hammer)

Do not use a Carpenter's Hammer (claw hammer)